New England Patriots post incredibly petty reaction to Tom Brady retirement

After spending over two decades in the NFL, Tom Brady has announced his retirement.

Tom Brady’s iconic career in the NFL has officially come to an end. The future Hall of Fame quarterback announced his retirement on Wednesday after spending over two decades in the league.

His career will be seen as one of the greatest in athletics, with Brady amassing seven Super Bowl rings, five Super Bowl MVPs, three NFL MVPs, and countless statistical records.

Tom Brady has left a lasting impact on the NFL and his career was unique and special. Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, it was a treat to watch him play for the past 22 years. However, with such a long career, it’s inevitable that he may have rubbed some people the wrong way.

Brady will always be remembered as the best player to ever play for the New England Patriots. There may still be hard feelings about his departure from the team three years ago, which were reignited by his recent retirement announcement.

When Brady announced his retirement, tributes flooded in from all over the sports world. Some fans were happy to see his reign end, while others paid their respects to the greatest quarterback of all time.

The New England Patriots simply quoted their previous retirement tweet in response to the announcement.

Patriots have petty reaction to Tom Brady retirement news

It’s so petty that it’s brilliant:

The way the New England Patriots responded to Tom Brady’s retirement was very typical of the city of Boston. By essentially saying, “We already acknowledged this last year, but thanks again Tommy,” they showed a level of pettiness that has become legendary.

It’s so characteristic of Boston that we almost expected to see it. The team was unruffled by the news that the greatest player in the franchise’s history was retiring, which is truly remarkable.

Of course, it’s possible to point the finger at Brady for this too. A lot was made about Brady’s retirement message last season that failed to mention the Patriots at all when recounting all of his career accomplishments.

So it could be argued that Brady started this. The Patriots, however, certainly finished it.

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