Patrick Star Grills Russell Wilson With Legendary Diss From Bikini Bottom

Patrick Star, the iconic cartoon character from “SpongeBob SquarePants,” grilled Denver Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson from under the sea as he offered commentary during the “NFL Nickmas Game” on Sunday. (You can watch the burn below.)

Star, who is voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, chimed into the special Nick-centric broadcast of the Broncos game against the Los Angeles Rams on Christmas Day.

The broadcast, part of an ongoing series of broadcasts with tie-ins to the children’s network, featured slime, “augmented reality” holiday characters and a virtual Nickelodeon blimp, according to CBS Sports.

Star, whose “inner machinations” of his mind are an enigma, crawled out from under his rock to work as an announcer on Sunday and didn’t hold back as he mocked Wilson for tossing the ball to Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner in the first quarter.

“Yeah, that’s not what he wanted to cook,” said Star in a nod to the “Let Russ Cook” meme.

“No, I think he burnt whatever he was cooking,” CBS Sports’ Noah Eagle said in response.

The interception was part of a sour outing for the Broncos, who received a stocking full of coal as the Rams beat them 51-14 in Los Angeles.

Football fans delighted in Star’s diss toward Wilson and tweeted that “you know you’ve hit rock bottom” when a cartoon character roasts you on TV.