Jennifer Garner Has Surprise Reunion With ‘Movie Husband’ On Airplane

The two actors, who played a married couple in the 2021 Netflix comedy “Yes Day,” snapped a sweet reunion shot that Garner posted on Instagram this week.

“When you board a plane, and your seatmate is your movie husband,” the star wrote. Their on-screen kids, Jenna Ortega and Julian Lerner were delighted to see their film parents back together.

“You’re kidding!!!!” Ortega wrote in the comments.

“No way!!!! That’s awesome! Hola Familia!” Lerner added, along with some heart emojis.

In “Yes Day,” Garner and Ramírez play parents who give their kids free rein for a day ― obviously resulting in family shenanigans.

Both actors have said they had a blast filming the comedy together.

“I had a lot of fun doing this movie,” Ramírez said last year. “It was my first comedy, but it was a beautiful experience, I loved it.”