‘Trump’ Begs To Get Back On Twitter On ‘SNL,’ Admits He Still Might ‘Coup’

In a dead-on sketch on “Saturday Night Live,” “Donald Trump” pleads with Twitter’s new “content moderation council” to be allowed back on Twitter — even though he admits he might “coup” again.

Trump, played by James Austin Johnson (who was Joe Biden in the cold open), finally gets to the point after some typical Trump word diarrhea. He desperately wants to return to Twitter.

Yes, “we’ve all moved to Truth Social, and we love Truth Social. It’s very great, and in many ways, also terrible,” he explains. “It’s very bad — very, very bad,” particularly the “automatic draining of the Venmo,” he points out,

“Trump” promises if he can come back to Twitter, “I won’t do anything bad — except maybe coup.”