Shakira and Karol G Have a Guest Spot on The Truman Show

Shakira’s new collaboration with Karol G is reportedly about her breakup with Gerard Piqué. Shakira sings this song in Spanish and it was released on Friday. In the chorus of this song, Karol who ended her relationship with Anuel AA in 2021 and Shakira, warns their ex partners that they will not ‘compete for men’. Shakira says in Spanish that she is ‘already set’ all by herself.   

Shakira and Karol G know they’re under the microscope, so why not make it into a music video? The Colombian pop stars maximized their joint slay in their new track “TQG,” off Karol G’s album, Mańana Será Bonito, out February 24. Together, the pop stars craft a down-tempo breakup bop about leaving boring exes. It’s easy to speculate about whom the pair are referring to. Shakira’s disentanglement with soccer star Gerard Piqué after an 11-year relationship was the stuff of tabloids (and a separate diss track, Bizarrap’s “BZRP Music Session #53”), while Karol G’s breakup with rapper Anuel AA was publicly messy. The music video for “TQG” nods to the reality-show nature of celebrity life. Unbeknownst to the singers, their every move is being projected onto every screen across the world. Billboards in Japan, airplane TVs, and some guy in a bathtub watch as their hips don’t lie on various sets. Eventually, Karol G and Shakira make their way to the Truman Show cloud staircase and stand in the doorway. Are they telling us to be less nosy?