Experts Predict The Most Popular Travel Destinations Of 2023

“I’m certain that travelers will put Japan on their 2023 bucket list, as well as explore lesser-known regions like Tohoku north of Tokyo,” said travel expert and author La Carmina. “The country was closed to tourism for over two years, but since October, Japan has returned to restriction-free travel. Since flight prices to Japan are now high, I predict that visitors will spend a greater amount of time in the country to make the most of their trip, and venture into less touristed and more affordable areas like Tohoku.”

Consider visiting the country for spring break during cherry blossom season. La Carmina also recommended taking the bullet train to explore cities like Fukushima, Sendai, Morioka, Ishinomaki.

“They have a rich and compelling food culture that includes fresh-caught seafood such as sea urchin and scallops, clean and marbled wagyu, and sake brewed by descendants of the samurai,” she said.

Whatever your interests, you’ll likely find a meaningful experience in Japan.

“Before the pandemic, Japan was at the top of many Americans’ lists ― and once again, the demand for this destination is sky high,” said Jacqui Gifford, editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure. “People want to go back for the Michelin-star dining and small izakaya in Tokyo, the luxury resorts and unique ryokan of Kyoto, the ski slopes of Niseko … They want to do it all, and the favorable exchange rate with the yen is certainly helping.”

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