Bear-y Hungry: Video Shows Florida Mammal Swiping Food Delivery Order Off A Porch


LONGWOOD, Florida (AP) — A fast-food loving black bear stole a $45 Taco Bell order from the front porch of a home in the Orlando suburb of Longwood moments after the Uber Eats driver delivered it, an Orlando television station reported.

This is no Florida man story, as there’s no evidence a Floridian dressed in a bear costume stole the food. Rather, the criminal was a real-life Florida black bear estimated to weigh 300 to 400 pounds, WOFL-TV reported.

The caper happened Friday, and it was captured on the home’s Ring camera. The video shows the beast sauntering up to the front door and grabbing the bag in its mouth. Then, a short time later, it comes back to steal the drinks.

“He came, and he grabbed the food – then he came again for the soda,” Nicole Castro told the TV station.

When the family opened the front door about 10 minutes later, the Ring video captures their reaction: “The bear took the food!”

Uber Eats reimbursed the family for the stolen food, the TV station reported.