It’s No Trick! These Are 2023’s Weirdest Halloween Costumes


Halloween is the perfect holiday for weirdos. Actions and behaviors that are normally not allowed are given a one-night pass on Oct. 31.

But the freedom to dress up however you want has a price: People who are weird the other 364 days of the year may feel pressure to top themselves ― especially to show to those normal people how it’s done.

Don’t worry: HuffPost Weird News can help.

Once again, we’ve compiled a guide to the year’s weirdest costumes, and because there is strength in numbers, we’ve included a few couples costumes as well.

Just imagine the look on the other partygoers’ faces when you and your partner show up dressed as utility poles, a toilet paper roll and poop, or even Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (now that’s really weird!).