Burger King Thailand Unveils 20-Slice Tall Cheese ‘Burger’


Burger King’s new dish is Thailand is causing a bit of a meltdown for foodies.

The fast food joint seemed to abandon its “Have it your way” motto when it debuted a totally-cheese “burger” on its Facebook page for the Thailand region over the weekend.

“This is no joke. This is for real,” the brand wrote, according to a Facebook translation. The post showed off a melty 20 slices of American cheese sandwiched between a classic sesame seed bun — with no meat, veggies or condiments in sight.

BK Thailand tempted lactose-lovers more on its website, calling the burger, “The real one, real cheese, full of flavor for those who love cheese,” according to a Google translation.

The dairy-centric “Super Cheeseburger” was first available on Sunday and costs the equivalent of $3.10, which the Facebook post said is a reduced price from $10.90.

Diners, however, were left less than satisfied.

Thailand-based travel writer Richard Barrow weighed in on the dish on Twitter, explaining how a current Thai trend is “to put cheese on literally everything.”

Despite being a fan of cheese, Barrow said he “struggled eating even half of this ‘burger.’”

Burger King has made some adventurous moves when it comes to its menu choices.

In 2015, the franchise began grilling a limited-edition black Halloween Whopper. It was not a success.

It began courting the plant-based crowd when it debuted the meat-free Impossible Whopper in 2018.

Burger King appeared to be aiming for another viral moment when its Brazilian business kicked off a collaboration with the “Barbie” movie on Wednesday, offering a burger with questionable-looking pink sauce as well as a cute pink milkshake with a donut on top.