‘Very Serious Journalist’ Suffers Absolutely Cringe On-Air Moment


A radio show host seemed taken aback after a White House correspondent left him an awkward “I love you” message at the end of an appearance on Thursday.

RealClearPolitics’ Philip Wegmann, while signing off from Chris Stigall’s show on the Washington-based station WMAL, uttered the phrase after the host addressed his report on Mike Pence’s presidential campaign launch.

“Thank you, Phil, very much. Great to catch up,” Stigall said.

“I love you. Thank you,” Wegmann responded.

The “I love you” seemingly caught the host off guard, as he questioned whether he heard the reporter correctly.

“Did I just hear Philip say he loved me? Did he think he was talking to his wife for a minute?” Stigall asked.

“I’ve never had a guest actually say that in closing. ‘I love you.’ Sorry, Phil. I’m married. This is very uncomfortable.”

Wegmann later explained on Twitter that he was texting with his mother and slipped up blurting “love you too” aloud as his interview came to a close.

“I am a very serious journalist,” Wegmann wrote.

Stigall, later in his show, burst out laughing before he informed listeners of the explanation.

“He texted an expletive and then said ‘I was reading a text from my mother,’” said Stigall as he continued to chuckle.

“It’s alright, Phil, I am a married man, but I love you, too.”