Loose Pig Squeaks Past Police With Hog-Wild Moves In Pennsylvania


A speedy potbelly pig on the run caused mayhem in a Pennsylvania community as he dodged captors for days last week.

The 200-pound pig ran loose in the streets, nearly got hit by a Tesla and outran Manheim Township police officers, who said they’re “fairly certain he’s the fastest pig alive.”

The pig, named Hamilton for the Hamilton Park neighborhood in Lancaster Township where he was first reported, eventually was caught snoozing under a backyard trampoline and was herded into a dog crate. Then he was hauled off to an animal sanctuary for a happy ending.

Nobody knows where he came from, police said.

After the first fruitless attempts to collar the pig, a retired officer suggested seeking help from the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary, which shared footage of the pig darting around a yard.

But even the livestock experts were daunted.

“A foot pursuit of the escaped swine ensued, and yes, we see the irony in 3 cops chasing a pig,” the police department said. “As it turns out, Hamilton wasn’t as tired as we thought because we’re fairly certain he’s the fastest pig alive.”

Once caught, Hamilton went to the sanctuary’s farm, where police said he “will live out his days, telling stories to the other rescued farm animals about how he was saved from his ‘life on the streets,’”

Hamilton, renamed Gregory by the sanctuary, is set to be neutered and treated for parasites, according to Pennsylvania’s CBS 21. He’ll join four other potbelly pigs at the farm, Fox 43 reported.