Colorado Rockies Mascot Attacked While Dancing On Dugout


Dinger, the mascot for the Colorado Rockies baseball team, appears to have gotten a little dinged up from a fan encounter at Coors Field Monday night.

The cheeky purple triceratops was dancing on top of a dugout during a game with the St. Louis Cardinals when an unidentified man decided to tackle the creature for no particular reason.

Luckily, the triceratops was a trooper and quickly popped up to show that things were OK.

Dinger felt obliged to address the incident on Twitter.

“For those of you wondering, I am okay,” Dinger’s post read. ”Let’s just not beat up the purple dinosaur, please!”

Others chimed in with praise for the mascot.

Dinger has been the official mascot of the Rockies since April 1994.

The team chose a dinosaur as its mascot since fossil fragments were found in the area when Coors Field was being constructed.