Cannabis Company Makes 420-Pound Chocolate Bar In Honor Of 420


Although 420 isn’t until Thursday, one cannabis company decided to celebrate early in a truly sweet way.

Zen Cannabis, which operates in California, Massachusetts, Missouri and Oklahoma, has spent the last four months working on a truly dope project: Creating what it believes is the world’s largest cannabis chocolate bar.

The so-called “Big Zen” bar weighs 420 pounds ― of course! ― and measures a whopping 9 feet by 4 feet and is three inches thick.

But what’s really sweet is the amount of cannabis in the colossal candy bar: 4.2 million milligrams of THC, much larger than the typical 10-milligram dose.

The asking price? A measly $42,000.

The giant bar was made at the company’s offices in Oklahoma City, according to CEO Jeremy Zachary.

“We wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before, and Oklahoma’s the only state we could do it because it’s the only one with no limit on milligrams,” he told HuffPost.

Zachary estimates 100 pounds of cannabis flower were used to make the five liters of cannabis oil used in the bar.

“We needed a custom mold, and that took a month to make,” he said, adding that the company also needed a custom table to hold the finished product and a custom cooling chamber.

“It took four pours to get the whole bar right,” he added.

Zen Cannabis employee Shane Ferrante poured the chocolate for a 420-pound chocolate bar that contains 4,200,000 mg of THC.

Scott Vo for

Making the bar took about 24 hours, and another 18 hours for cooling.

The bar is currently at Zen Cannabis’ Oklahoma City offices, but Zachary said there are no plans to put it on display like the world’s largest ball of twine.

“This is for serious buyers only,” he said. “And start with small bites.