The Stream About Nothing: Twitch’s AI-Generated, ‘Seinfeld’ Like Show Gets Weird


Artificial intelligence’s take on a beloved sitcom is more than a load of “yada yada yada.”

“Nothing, Forever” is an AI-generated, “Seinfeld” like show on the streaming platform Twitch that’s set to never stop broadcasting.

The 24/7 show, which has been going since December, has grown in popularity over the past week as thousands have tuned in to watch the adventures of animated characters Larry Feinberg, Fred Kastopolous, Yvonne Torres and Zoltan Kalker.

As of Saturday morning, “Nothing, Forever” had over 131,000 Twitch followers.

The show plays out in a similar fashion to the TV classic: It includes stand-up sequences, laugh tracks and conversations among AI friends similar to Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer inside of an apartment.

The actual content, however, is more bonkers than its ’90s predecessor.

Skyler Hartle of Mismatch Media, the group behind the project, told Polygon that he and co-creator Brian Habersberger started work on their own show about nothing four years ago.

“We wanted to see if it was possible to build a new form of media — a generative show — with a lot of the tools and methods that were starting to take off, like machine learning,” Hartle told the outlet.

“We wanted to create a sorta surreal, eerie, David Lynch-esque … show that could run forever as more of an art experiment than anything else.”

Check out “Nothing, Forever” on its Twitch channel.