Team Fluff Reigns Supreme In Pawsome Overtime Win At Puppy Bowl 2023


Team Fluff earned the “Lombarky” Trophy with a win at this year’s Puppy Bowl but both teams of puppies won viewers’ hearts at the fluff-tastic game on Sunday.

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, now in its 19th edition, returned with a pawsome affair that aired prior to this year’s Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Team Fluff, winners of the 2022 Puppy Bowl, beat Team Ruff in overtime with an 87-83 win on Sunday.

Vivianne ― a Siberian Husky, Rottweiler and Neapolitan Mastiff mix ― a cute turtle plush into the end zone to score Team Fluff’s winning touchdown.

The game starred the likes of Josh Allenhound, winner of the game’s “Most Pupular” contest, and included analysis from the NBA on TNT crew.

Other adorable moments from the game included a speedy run into the end zone from Pickle the Pomeranian, sweet defensive moves from pups Penelope and Espresso and a double touchdown between Espresso and Kokobean.

The game also featured a halftime appearance by “Furry-anna,” a cat who arrived via an unidentified flying object just as several UFOs have reportedly taken flight over North America in recent days.

Team Ruff, down 73-42 at one point in the game, eventually came back to bring the Puppy Bowl into overtime.

Vivianne, however, had other plans as she took her toy, brought it into the end zone and ran into the tunnel.

The game featured 100-plus rescue dogs in an effort to secure them homes across the country.

You can check out more on the featured animals up for adoption here.

Animal Planet dedicated this year’s Puppy Bowl to Mykonos, a bulldog who appeared in the game, after she had “health issues that she was unable to overcome” following her adoption.