6 Ways Busy People Can Unplug And Unwind For A Stress-Free Beach Vacation

A beach vacation should be an escape. If you find yourself constantly thinking worried thoughts or feeling stressed while on vacation, here are a few tips to make sure you unplug and unwind.

1. Let people know you’re on vacation.

Simply letting people know you’re on vacation can make a world of difference. Let your coworkers know you won’t be answering calls. Turn on your auto out-of-office emails. Tell your social circle to cool it with the texts while you soak up the sun on your vacay. Let the world know, “Don’t bother me, I’m on vacation!”

2. Silence all of your notifications.


Hearing the constant ding! from your phone can distract you from your well-deserved beach time. You want to hear the peals of laughter from the people splashing around in the ocean, not the buzz of work emails. Turn off all, and we mean all, of your notifications, and not just from work. Mute your group chats, social media notifications — the works.

3. Stay in the present.


The beach is perhaps the most beautiful thing Mother Nature ever created — so enjoy it. If you find yourself worrying about work or thinking about the problems waiting for you at home, attune yourself to the present. If your mind wanders to stressful thoughts, bring yourself back by focusing on your surroundings — the warm sun on your skin, the cool ocean breeze, the sand beneath your feet — and leave worried thoughts of work and life behind.

4. Do things that truly bring you joy.


The perfect vacation is in the eye of the beholder. Some people enjoy lounging on the beach, while some prefer a getaway full of ocean adventures. Some people like to meet new friends, while others like to keep to themselves. Do things that truly bring you joy, not what you think you should do to have fun. If your perfect getaway is being in bed by 10 and not out dancing, do as you please.

5. Be as cool as a (sea) cucumber.


The perfect beach vacation doesn’t have to be perfect at every moment. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and hey, that’s A-OK. Maybe the restaurant you booked didn’t impress. Maybe the spa you wanted to visit was closed for the day. When things don’t unfold the way you want them to, stay cool and let go. Don’t let one bad moment spoil your entire vacation.

6. Anticipate the best outcome.


If you’re a worrier, it’s easy to imagine the worst possible scenarios: What if I forget my sunscreen? What if a seagull intrudes on my beachside picnic? What if, what if, what if. What if you have the absolute time of your life? No need to anticipate the worst, especially at a place as wonderful and carefree as the beach. Instead, anticipate the best outcome.

The beach is the best place in the world, and you deserve to enjoy it. With a few small, simple steps, you, too, can have the beach getaway you deserve.

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