Usher Mourns Death Of His Grandma Tina With Heartfelt Tribute

Usher is honoring his late grandmother whom he calls his “Earth Angel.”

In a heartwarming Instagram post on Monday, the iconic R&B singer sang the praises of his late grandma Ernestine “Tina” Carter, who died in her Chattanooga home on Christmas Eve. She was 87, Entertainment Tonight reported.

“It’s taken me a few days to come to grips with the fact that my Grandma Tina is no longer with me,” the eight-time Grammy winner began his post alongside a series of photos and videos of Carter.

He added, “I’m praying for clarity and strength for all whom relied on her. Her daily devotion was to help those in need and she did just that. It was her life’s work. She was truly a prayer warrior for me and so many others.”

Usher opened up about feeling “a bit lost” after her death, sharing that a part of him is “trying to be strong for others” while another “continues to break silently.” He then went on to describe the many ways his beloved grandma was “always there” for him.

“When I was lost, she was always there when I called on her, no matter the hour or how long it took. When I needed the perfect Bible verse to suit the reality of what I was facing at the time…she’s provided it,” he said.

He continued, “When I was broken, confused, lost and most vulnerable. She saw something else … and was there to remind me of purpose, and that no matter what I was facing. I love u more, she would say.”

The “U Got It Bad” singer also revealed Carter’s last words to him: “There’s a time for everything son … there’s a time to laugh, a time to cry … there’s a time to live and a time to die.”

The songwriter then sharing a piece of advice he recently received about dealing with grief.

″‘Keep in mind that it’s only sad b/c we miss them and that’s us being selfish and rightfully so but it’s really a congratulatory celebration b/c they’re at the ultimate place forever!’” he wrote. “I believe that … she will be missed very much.”

Usher concluded his tribute by writing, “I love u more Grandma. Rest In Paradise #RIP Evangelist Ernestine Carter.” He did not disclose Carter’s cause of death.

On Sunday, the star shared a photo of his family sporting matching pajamas and holiday-themed Santa hats.

“Family is all that matters,” he captioned the festive post. “Blessings the ones that are here and the ones that watch over us!! Jesus is the reason, GOD Bless you this holiday season. From my family to yours.”

Over the summer, the R&B crooner went viral on social media after his NPR “Tiny Desk” performance in June. While performing his 2004 hit “Confessions Part II” and bouncing to the music, he motioned his open fingers over his eyes and whispered, “Watch this.”

The moment went viral and birthed the “Watch This” meme, with Twitter users applying it to funny and relatable moments from everyday life.

Usher is currently promoting his Las Vegas residency, which has been extended through October 2023.