Steve Martin, Martin Short Trade Insults In Lively ‘Tonight Show’ Interview

Comedy icons Steve Martin and Martin Short didn’t ease up on the jabs as they took turns making fun of each other ― and Jimmy Fallon ― during a late night interview on Thursday.

After an introduction from Fallon, Short went directly after the host, calling him “James Kanye Fallon,” a comedian with the easiest late night show “to fall asleep to.”

Gesturing to the audience, Short added, “Really, tell everyone what you were telling about why it’s finally the right time to suspend the Constitution,” in reference to Donald Trump’s comments this week.

Short, who joined Martin in a roast of Fallon’s appearance, later mocked his own look and said his striped socks looked like “Margaret Hamilton wore [them] in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’”

Martin later jokingly weighed in on the holidays and explained that his favorite part of decorating the tree is putting “a little, tiny star on top.”

“And thank you for being up there, I know that could get uncomfortable,” said Martin as he patted Short on the shoulder.

Watch more of the comedic pair’s hilarious interview on “The Tonight Show” below.