Rami Malek Highlights 1 ‘Extraordinary’ Aspect Of Prince William’s Environmental Awards

BOSTON ― Rami Malek had nothing but praise for Prince William’s take on sustainability at The Earthshot Prize Awards in Massachusetts on Friday night.

The Oscar-winning actor ― who has attended his fair share of awards ceremonies ― told HuffPost just why the Prince of Wales’ focus on a consciously produced show was so “extraordinary” to him.

“It makes you think about everything you’re doing, [like] how you’re getting here,” he said. Guests were encouraged to travel with a low carbon footprint to the show, which was purposely located within walking distance of many points in Boston.

“We’re all reusing our outfits, which is something you don’t usually see in our line of work,” Malek added with a laugh and a smile. “I appreciate that. It’s been extremely well considered and well thought of, and hopefully influences the way we carry through our day-to-day.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales speak with actor Rami Malek backstage after The Earthshot Prize Awards on Friday in Boston.

Samir Hussein via Getty Images

Presenters and hosts were taken by electric vehicle to the ceremony, which was run by local crews to avoid flying in British staffers. Makeup used for the event was vegan and cruelty-free, while the food was plant-based. No single-use plastics were present.

Rather than the typical red runner, guests instead arrived on a green carpet, which was reused from the 2021 Earthshot Prize Awards and then recycled after the event. Attendees were encouraged to rewear outfits, or to source something vintage or sustainable for the ceremony (which is why Kate Middleton’s choice to rent a $91 gown was right on theme).

All of the sustainable touches ― plus the recognition of the five winners of The Earthshot Prize, who were honored for their efforts to save the planet ― made for an evening that Malek said meant the world to him.

“I appreciate what Prince William’s doing,” Malek said, adding that ecological decline is the “greatest crisis of our lifetime.”

“We can really effect change in the greatest way with these innovators who are being awarded this evening. It could easily be thought of as something that is pessimistic gloom and doom, and Earthshot’s taken a way to flip it on its head and say, ‘Let’s inspire people.’”

Malek speaks to HuffPost on Friday at The Earthshot Prize Awards, held at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway.
Malek speaks to HuffPost on Friday at The Earthshot Prize Awards, held at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

Boston Globe via Getty Images

“Let’s come up with the greatest solutions we can to save this planet, because you think about everything going on in the world — and all the crises — this is the greatest one we’ll ever live with,” the actor added. “And hopefully we’ll find a way to beat it. I know we can.”

Earlier Friday, the Prince of Wales published an exclusive essay for HuffPost, talking about why he remains a “stubborn optimist” about the Earth’s future.

“Dire predictions about our natural world aren’t the only side to this story and they don’t have to be our future,” the royal wrote. “In this critical decade, I invite you all to be optimistic, to support the game-changers and to believe in the power of human ingenuity.”