F. Murray Abraham Reveals Favorite ‘White Lotus’ Line And Fallon Has Funniest Response

Actor F. Murray Abraham said many of his lines from the second season of hit TV show “The White Lotus” are “deathless” but one stands above all others, and it’s now often repeated to him in the street.

“I mean, it’s a penis. It’s not a sunset,” Abraham’s character Bert Di Grasso tells onscreen son Michael Imperioli (who plays Dominic) and grandson Adam DiMarco (aka Albie) during a conversation about the aesthetics of a penis.

“That’s a great line,” Abraham told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” this week, revealing how people in New York will now stop him to say: “Hey, penis, hey!”

“I get the same thing. I get the exact same thing,” Fallon cracked in response.

Abraham also revealed the sweet move he’d pull while working as a Santa Claus at the department store Macy’s in the early years of his career.

Watch the interview here: