50 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs In 2022

Woof — it’s been a long year.

Yet, despite some pretty ruff (sorry) news stories that came out in 2022, we’re hoping that our weekly roundups of the funniest dog and cat tweets were a purr-fect (sorry, again) escape.

So as a little holiday treat, here are 50 of the funniest tweets we’ve featured in our roundups in 2022.

Just a reminder that we did not write these tweets, we merely curated them. So, if any posts truly make you howl, we sincerely hope you click on that tweet and follow the person who brought a little bit of levity to your day.

And to all the pets featured in these hilarious nuggets online, we appreciate you too! So, we’re saying thanks in a way you can truly comprehend: Bark, bark, and pspsppsppss.

(And if you want more pet tweets, there is no need to beg! You can check out last year’s 50 funniest tweets about dogs and cats here — or check out our weekly roundup here.)