Stephen Colbert Taunts Elon Musk Over ‘Circle Of Jerk’ Attempt To Save Himself

Stephen Colbert said Elon Musk appears to be getting desperate after shelling out $44 billion to buy Twitter only to fire half the staff and then warn that the social media company might go bankrupt under his watch.

“One company is brave enough to stick it out,” Colbert said. “Because SpaceX purchased a big advertising campaign on Twitter.”

SpaceX is also run by Musk.

“Yes, Elon’s SpaceX is gonna save Elon’s Twitter. And Elon’s solar panel company is gonna save Elon’s Tesla,” Colbert cracked, then broke out into a “Lion King” style song: “It’s the circle of jerk!”

Colbert also mocked Musk for a post that said: “Twitter feels increasingly alive.”

“Yes, it feels more alive than ever,” Colbert agreed sarcastically. “Just like right after you cut off a chicken’s head!”

He then mimed cutting off a chicken’s head.

“Wow!” Colbert exclaimed. “He’s really running around. Oh, he’s dancing!”

Colbert pretended to dance with the dying chicken… until it went to “sleep”:

See more of his Musk takedown in his Monday night monologue: