Sports Radio Dude Shaun Morash Poops His Pants On Air, Shows Off The Mess

Radio personality Shaun Morash just soiled his reputation forever. (Watch the video below.)

Morash laughed so hard he pooped in his pants, excusing himself to clean up the mess before returning to reveal the aftermath on CBS Sports Radio’s “The D.A. Show.”

Host Damon Amendolara, Morash and others were cracking up at the absurd idea of the Phillie Phanatic mascot defecating on famous major-leaguers’ chests.

The conversation leaked into Morash’s reality. He guffawed so hard he fell to the floor, the broadcast’s video feed shows. And that wasn’t all.

“I just went in my pants,” he announced before yanking off his earphone and hightailing it to the bathroom.

When Morash returned he said he could barely look his colleagues in the eye, but he had no problem revealing that it “took a lot of paper towels.”

“I laughed too hard up and friction down. Luckily, it wasn’t mega poundage,” he explained. “So it was just a little wet.”

He then showed off the damage to his disgusted colleagues.

Morash apparently has had this problem before. He revealed on the “BetMGM Tonight” show later that he packed an extra pair of underwear for work in case of an emergency.

“Don’t be afraid to admit if you make in your pants,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s the human body.”

Morash made light of the incident on Twitter.