Joy Behar Had Some Hilarious Technical Difficulties During Opening Of ‘The View’

During the opening minutes of the show, Behar’s phone suddenly started playing music, and she couldn’t get it to stop.

And, of course, it all played out for the viewers at home.

“Oh my God, turn it off,” Behar said, slapping the screen of the phone. “Stop it! And why does Siri talk to me in the middle of nowhere? ‘I don’t understand what you’re saying.’ It’s like, who’s talking to you? I’m not talking to you.”

At one point it seemed as if Behar managed to turn off the phone, only to have it start ringing again when she was trying to talk with her fellow host Ana Navarro about Navarro’s recent bout with the coronavirus.

Although co-host Sarah Haines tried to help Behar, the smartphone snafu only ended after Sunny Hostin, another of the show’s hosts, grabbed the phone and took it backstage.

Behar then apologized on-air to her producer, Brian Testa.

“I’m sorry, I have no control over technology,” Behar said.

You can see the segment below.