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John Oliver ‘Glad’ To Spot One Of The ‘Most Devastating Things’ To Happen To Trump






“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver is calling “bullshit” on a key right-wing talking point being used to subvert the results of U.S. elections.

That’s the notion pushed by Donald Trump and his allies that there’s a vast conspiracy to swing elections in favor of Democrats.

“For the record, one of the big clues that these conspiracy theories are bullshit, is that so many of them are predicated on the belief that the Democratic Party is well organized,” he said on Sunday night. “Who on Earth is stupid enough to buy that bullshit?”

Oliver spent more than half an hour on the right’s relentless assault on election integrity.

But he did find one moment he couldn’t get enough of ― and that’s footage from the days after the 2020 election of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, certifying President Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

As he was about to sign the papers, his phone rang.

He pulled it out of his pocket, and set it on the table next to him ― unanswered ― while he finished signing the papers.

The ignored caller, it turned out, was Trump, who had been trying to threaten and cajole officials in multiple states into overturning the results.

But Ducey ignored him in a moment carried on live television.

“I have to say: Watching someone screen your call is one of the most devastating things a human being can possibly experience,” Oliver said after playing the footage. “And I am so glad that it happened to Donald Trump.”

See his full segment below: