Dog’s Intense Wonder In Face-To-Face Encounter With Sea Creature Is A Delight

Skipper the dog had a whale of a time on a boat expedition in California’s Monterey Bay this week.

Watch the pooch’s intense curiosity as a humpback whale emerges, eventually greeting the Australian shepherd face to face:

“My favorite reaction of Skipper is when he put his [paws] up on the rails to get a better look at the whale,” videographer Evan Brodsky of Monterey Bay Whale Watch told HuffPost.

Skipper belongs to the expedition company’s owner and usually stays in the pilot house, Brodsky told For the Win. “This was definitely his first close encounter,” he said.

Skipper made the most of it, as the whale and another one lingered in an “extremely rare” friendly encounter of this type, according to the company’s YouTube description.

“Over the whole two hours he was mostly silent just trying to figure out what was going on,” Brodsky told For the Win.

Other four-legged pals are welcome to take in the wonder.

“We love having animals aboard our whale watches,” Brodsky said.