Amy Schumer Says Son Was ‘Rushed To ER’ During ‘SNL’ Prep: ‘Hardest Week Of My Life’

Amy Schumer’s latest “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig went off without a hitch, but behind the scenes she experienced the “hardest week of my life” due to a health scare involving her son.

The comedian shared in an Instagram post on Sunday that her 3-year-old son, Gene, was hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, which has been on the rise in recent weeks.

“This was the hardest week of my life. I missed Thursday rehearsals when my son was rushed to ER and admitted for RSV. Shout out to all the parents going though this right now,” Schumer wrote, adding Gene is now “home and better.”

Despite the demands of hosting, Schumer said she “got to be with him the whole day at the hospital” due to the support she received from the “beautiful humans” at the late-night sketch series.

The “Life & Beth” star later shared a photo of herself and Gene lying together in a hospital bed, writing across the pic, “This was our Thursday. RSV is not fucking around.”

RSV is a “common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms,” per the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, which notes the virus can cause serious illness for infants and older adults.

According to new data collected by the organization, RSV hospitalizations have increased across the United States since the summer months, resulting in a dramatic spike in numbers of infections and hospitalizations over the past few weeks.

In Schumer’s third stint as host for “SNL,” the comedian opened the show with a suitably raunchy monologue, in which she called out Kanye West, riffed on her own pregnancy and poked fun at her sex life with husband Chris Fischer. She made no mention of her son’s health scare from the stage.

The episode also featured the debut of musical guest Steve Lacy, who performed his chart-topping single “Bad Habit.”

In her post on Sunday, Schumer expressed her gratitude toward the cast and crew of the series.

“The reason this show is so fun to do isn’t actually the performance or the show itself. It’s getting to spend time with the people there,” she wrote. “The cast and the writers of course but the people who are behind the scenes making it run smooth are my favorite.”

The comedian ended her message with a shoutout to the “kindest humans” around, writing, “Thank you everyone there and to the doctors and nurses who helped us.”

“SNL” returns next week with host Dave Chappelle and musical guest Black Star.