This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fail Defies The Laws Of Physics


After a stressful Election Day, finally, we have the news the entire country has been waiting for: What’s the latest fail happening on “Wheel of Fortune”?

On Monday, “Wheel of Fortune” contestant Alex confidently buzzed in during a tossup round to guess a mysterious proper name. Though the answer was a certain famous physicist, Alex came up with something a bit different …

(See it at the 2:21 mark.)

Of course, “Tom Isaac Newton” is not a person — or at least not the person “Wheel of Fortune” was looking for. Contestant Brad capitalized on the moment, correctly answering “Sir Isaac Newton,” and as if by Newton’s law of gravity, Alex was brought back down to Earth.

Brad completely dominated the whole show, leading “Wheel of Fortune” to release the “Best of Brad” video above. However, despite Alex taking an L on “Wheel of Fortune,” the contestant gets the W on Twitter, which regularly delights in a good “Wheel of Fortune” faux pas. 

And just like that, the country is coming together again. So cheers to Alex on “Wheel of Fortune,” a contestant whose answer was so hilariously wrong that it defies the laws of physics.