Tom Hanks Makes Surprise Return To ‘SNL’ With David Pumpkins Sketch

Forrest Gump. Captain Phillips. David S. Pumpkins: Who can say which Tom Hanks performance is more iconic than the next? But only one caused a Halloween costume shortage.

Yes, break out your fingers guns because everybody’s favorite pumpkin-patterned suit goof made his grand return to “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend six years after his debut.

In the hilarious sketch, the host and musical guest, rapper Jack Harlow, boards what’s billed as “the scariest ride” at a local amusement park with cast members Ego Nwodim and Andrew Dismukes.

After appearances from horror legends (Michael Myers, Annabelle and Pennywise, oh, my!), David S. Pumpkins appears for more treat than trick. And, of course, he’s reunited with his trusty skeleton backup dancers, played once again by former cast members Bobby Moynihan and Mikey Day, who co-created the character.

“I’m David Pumpkins, and I’m going to scare you stupid!” Hanks, dressed in his signature ensemble, announces to the group before uttering his catchphrase, “Any questions?”

His presence remains as beguiling as ever to the amusement park junkies who try to determine exactly what his “deal” is and which movie he comes from. Apparently, he hails from Ibiza, which, of course, only demands further questions.

“David Pumpkins is…?” the group asks, which prompts Hanks to simply offer, “Taking it one day at a time!”

Pumpkins continues to pop up throughout the ride to steal the thunder from his much scarier counterparts, leaving the riders underwhelmed by the thrills. But ultimately the group gets the scare they were promised, as Pumpkins suddenly appears behind them at the end of the sketch.

The character was first introduced to audiences when Hanks hosted “SNL” in October 2016. The sketch quickly went viral and developed a cult following, resulting in retailers across the country selling out of his signature suit.

Hanks made a brief return the following year in a rap parody sketch before helming his own animated show, “The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special.”

Hanks also popped up in a second cameo over the weekend in a skit titled “AA Meeting,” where Harlow pitches “the perfect idea for a Pixar movie” to his fellow group members.

As they brainstorm ideas for characters, they decide the potential film needs someone to play “our everyman, our Woody.” Enter Hanks, who is, of course, more than qualified.

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