Stephen Colbert Left Speechless By Not-So-Hidden ‘Penis Meaning’ In New Trump Audio

Author and journalist Bob Woodward released some of the audio from his 2020 conversations with former President Donald Trump and “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert spotted what may be the strangest moment.

Woodward asked Trump about his relationship with Kim Jong Un, noting a CIA analysis that called the North Korean dictator “cunning, crafty, but ultimately stupid.”

“I disagree,” Trump said. “He’s cunning, he’s crafty, he’s very smart.”

Trump said he’s the only one Kim will deal with because of their chemistry, and offered an unexpected comparison.

“You meet somebody and you have a good chemistry,” he said. “You meet a woman, in one second you know whether or not it’s all gonna happen.”

“Wow,” Colbert finally said after 10 seconds. “Did he and Kim Jong Un… ? I mean, whatever, whatever makes you happy! Love is love, but it really gives a whole new meaning to ‘Little Rocket Man.’ Let me be clear: a penis meaning.”

That was Trump’s nickname for Kim, ostensibly because of his missile tests.

See more in Colbert’s Monday night monologue: