Maxwell Has The Best Response After Video Of Him Dancing Makes Rounds On Twitter

Maxwell expertly reminded the internet that his skills are unmatched.

The R&B icon commented on a Twitter video of him dancing early Tuesday morning, after the clip sparked some jokes on social media that the neo-soul artist had such lively moves. Some Twitter users edited Maxwell’s video and attached it to other music, seemingly in good fun.

“Y’all wanna laugh but your knees ain’t built like that,” the “Pretty Wings” singer tweeted. “This the Maxwell Challenge.”

People responded to Maxwell’s tweet, complimenting the singer for setting the record straight about his dancing skills.

“Let them know Mr. Pretty wings!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Sports medicine clinics and emergency rooms going to be filled with people trying the Maxwell challenge. Their knees won’t take it,” tweeted another.

Other Twitter users pointed out that Maxwell has been dancing for years and always gives a great show. “If you haven’t seen Maxwell in concert, he’s one helluva performer.”

Maxwell performed on March 27, 2022, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Stephen J. Cohen via Getty Images

The “This Woman’s Work” singer may have had the last laugh on Tuesday.

People began tweeting the hashtag, #maxwellchallenge, sharing their best attempts ― or maybe failed attempts ― at keeping up with the singer.

Maxwell, a three-time Grammy winner, released his debut album, “Urban Hang Suite,” in 1996 to critical acclaim. He’s known for his impressive high notes, and even inspired a vocal challenge last month, in which social media users tried to mimic his high notes from his 1999 song, “Fortunate.”

The singer is set to perform the next stop of his tour called, “The Night Tour,” on Nov. 11 in Baltimore.