Kenan Thompson Isn’t Afraid Of A Wild, Knife-Wielding Deer On ‘SNL’

Kenan Thompson refused to let a deer get away with murder on “SNL” this weekend.

Thompson played a stubborn dad touring the home of his daughter – played by “Saturday Night Live” host and rapper Megan Thee Stallion – as fellow cast member James Austin Johnson pointed to a deer near the woods outside the home.

Megan – along with Johnson as well as cast members Molly Kearney and Devon Walker – tried to point out the deer outside a window for Thompson, who pleaded for the group to “show him” the deer.

The group were later in awe by a bunny seen riding on the back of the deer, a sight that Thompson insisted he couldn’t spot in the yard.

“Dad, imagine a laser coming from my finger,” Megan said.

“What?” Thompson asked.

“Do you see the third cloud on the side of the sky?” Kearney followed.

“The side of the sky?” Thompson questioned.

“It’s right there at 12 o’clock,” Johnson said.

“What’s that east coast time or west coast time,” Thompson asked.

The deer continued to creep closer to Thompson, who claimed he wouldn’t look further for the animal, before it eventually got behind him on a couch.

“Will y’all please stop messing with me?” Thompson requested.

“Mr. Reynolds, its got a knife,” Kearney yelled to Thompson’s surprise.

You can watch Thompson’s move toward the knife-wielding deer, a move which Megan claimed “saved” the group, below.

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