Fans Think Taylor Swift Revealed Name Of Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds’ Next Child

Some Taylor Swift fans apparently think the “T” in her first name also stands for “tea.”

That’s because the singer’s new album, “Midnights,” features a lyric that some of her followers think reveals the name of the next child of her good friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

According to various Twitter sleuths, the name reveal comes after the first chorus of “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” when she says, “So long, Daisy Mae,” according to the “Today” show newsletter.

That was enough for some fans to start speculating about the reference and what it was referring to. And some fans decided it was the name of Lively and Reynolds’ fourth child.

Lively hasn’t confirmed when she is due, but Women’s Health magazine said that, based on photos, she could be at 12 to 16 weeks, which would make her due date around February or March.

If that timeline is correct, it’s possible that the baby’s sex wouldn’t have been known when Swift was recording the album, since doctors typically won’t know until about 20 weeks, through ultrasound images.

Of course, that didn’t stop Swifties from speculating, especially because the singer’s “Folklore” album included a song called “Betty,” which is the name of Lively and Reynolds’ third child. That song also mentioned “James” and “Inez,” which are the couple’s oldest daughters’ names.

Of course, the daughter theory wasn’t the only one surrounding the “Daisy Mae” reference.

Some people theorized Swift was referencing a book by 19th century author Henry James.

One person thought it might be a sign that Swift is leaving country music behind permanently.

One woman jokingly claimed the reference was toward her own dog.

And, of course, people were convinced Swift was referring to a beloved creature in the Animal Crossing game.

You can hear the song below.