‘Creed III’ Trailer Teases Intense Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors Fight

The “Creed III” trailer was released on Tuesday, pulling no punches on intensity.

Michael B. Jordan, who stars as Adonis Creed, made his directorial debut for the third installment of the movie series. The trailer shows the movie pick up seven years after the last film, where Adonis Creed is confronted with an old friend named Damian Anderson, played by Jonathan Majors.

Adonis and Damian’s reunion as friends appears to go awry as they prepare to face off in the ring. The trailer also features Tessa Thompson, who returns to the film franchise, along with Phylicia Rashad and Wood Harris.

Sylvester Stallone reprised his iconic “Rocky” character in the first two films of the “Creed” franchise, which was a spinoff of the “Rocky” movies, but he will not appear in “Creed III.”

Jordan celebrated his directorial debut with the release of the trailer on Twitter.

“My directorial debut?! Still sounds crazy to say but there’s no film that has been more personal to me and no film I’ve felt more ready to steer,” he wrote, later thanking his cast and crew for “working so hard to continue the legacy of the franchise.”

“Creed III” is set to hit theaters on March 3.