Tracy Morgan’s Mad Paternity Claim Wins ‘ManningCast’ During Monday Night Football

Tracy Morgan spiced up the CowboysGiants game on Monday with the daft declaration that Cowboys Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett is his real father. (Watch the videos below.)

Morgan, appearing on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli,” aka the “ManningCast,” bragged about his speed as a young athlete.

“I get that from my father, Tony Dorsett,” he said of the fleet running back who starred in the 1970s and ’80s. “I know he’s my biological father, Tony Dorsett.”

When retired QB brothers Eli and Peyton Manning flashed highlights of Dorsett, Morgan cried: “There you are daddy. Daddy! Daddy!”

Asked if Dorsett knows, the former “SNL” star answered in the affirmative.

“He was dating my mother and he used to drive a white van,” Morgan said. “He sold fish out the back of that van.”

Dorsett, now 68, was clearly amused by the twisted shoutout.

Morgan also noted that Herschel Walker is his third cousin and took a swipe at Peyton Manning. He asked the quarterback great what it was like to play against the Giants’ star linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

Answered Peyton: “LT’s rookie year was ’82. I was 6.” (It was actually ’81, but you get the point.)

Tony Dorsett can’t argue with that.