Stephen Colbert Delivers Mortifying Rap To GOP State Senate Candidate

A Republican running for Utah’s state Senate went viral for announcing her candidacy with a decidedly bad rap song ― and Stephen Colbert wants more!

Linda Paulson, a great-grandmother running in Utah’s 12th District, rapped in the viral video about her political values, which according to her website, include preventing trans girls from participating in girls sport and challenging “CRT.”

“Support traditional family as the fundamental unit of society,” she chants in the video. “But in schools they are pushing for new beliefs. Just to clarify, as a female adult, I know what a woman is.”

“There is a lot to unpack there,” Colbert said. “First of all, hey, Linda, as a female adult, do you know what a rhyme is?”

“In Paulson’s defense, she does support traditional family,” Colbert added. “According to her website, she’s got five girls and four boys, plus 35 grandchildren and 14 greats. Forty-nine grand- and great-grandchildren and none of them know GarageBand?”

Nevertheless, Colbert was impressed that Paulson had managed to go viral at 80 during her first political campaign.

“In fact, I have a little message that I think might resonate with Linda,” he quipped, before launching into a ditty that congratulated her on having the “hip-hoppen-est ad this year.”

It concluded: “And just to clarify, as a comedian, I want you to make more songs please.”

Watch Colbert’s rap atrocity below: