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Kevin Gates Is Simulating Sex Acts Onstage Again — And Twitter Is Concerned




Kevin Gates’ latest sexually charged performance is sending Twitter into a frenzy.

In fan footage posted to Twitter on Tuesday, the “Thinkin’ with My Dick” rapper can be seen imitating a sex act on a microphone while explicitly detailing how he likes to sexually please a woman.

In the footage, Gates also puts his hand inside the front of his pants and pretends to pull out his penis while describing a sex act as the crowd cheers.

Gates, whose performances are known to be racy, goes on to rap more explicit lyrics before transitioning into his raunchy 2018 tune “Me Too.”

“Suck your toes, dick you down, please you/She says, ‘Bae, I’m nasty,’ I say, ‘Me too,’” Gates bellows out as concertgoers rap along with him.

One Twitter user even admitted to being “afraid” of the rapper’s demonstrated bedroom movements.

“Has Kevin Gates been like this since he first came out? Or did something happen. Cause it’s concerning,” another person tweeted.

Last month, the “Khaza” musician caught Twitter’s attention after a video clip surfaced from one of his shows in Texas where he freestyled to his 2017 song “D U Down” and aggressively reenacted the lyrics in the song.

The viral video racked up more than 1 million views.

Gates has had several other jaw-dropping moments, including in July, when he appeared on Revolt TV’s “Caresha Please” and opened up about discovering that he was sleeping with his cousin, a story he’d previously addressed on Instagram.

“Duh! The fuck?” Gates responded when the show’s host, Yung Miami, asked him about it.

“I just got a question for you. If me and you meet, I put it on you. The right way. You dickmatized,” he said before explaining how he found out the woman was a relative. “I introduce you to my grandma and then she’s like, ‘Baby who you people is?’ She pull me to the side and say, ‘Baby, that’s your cousin!’”

“I ain’t about to stop! The damage has been done,” he reasoned. “I didn’t know you my whole life. I just found this out. We’ve already been thuggin’. And we still good friends to this day.”