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Elle Fanning Reveals Which Celebrity She Thinks She Looks Like, And… What?




“The Great” star, who was at the ceremony for her Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series nomination, told “Access Hollywood” on the red carpet that she was excited to meet a certain celebrity that night because she feels she looks like him.

And that famous person is… Bill Hader.

“There is something on Twitter that I saw [that said] that I look like him,” she told “Access Hollywood” hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover in a doppelganger declaration no one saw coming. “And I love it! And so Nicholas Hoult — who is in the show with me — all we want to do tonight is, I have to get a photo.”

And just in case you may be questioning their resemblance, here’s a side-by-side photo.

And why not? Here’s another just for fun.

Although we personally don’t see much of a resemblance, Fanning doubled-down on her belief, exclaiming: “We have the same nose!”

Some online feel that Hader looks a bit like a young Dan Aykroyd.

But if Fanning is really pinning for a celebrity twin there is another actor out there who looks a lot like her — Dakota Fanning, her sister.