Kate McKinnon Mocks Amy Coney Barrett Over ‘Plopping’ Babies On Ferris Wheels On ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live’s” Kate McKinnon morphed into an obsessive Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett with a wild riff about dropping off unwanted babies once abortion is illegal at everywhere from ferris wheels to mailboxes.

“I’m guessing you’re pretty happy with the [leaked] draft” opinion by Justice Samuel Alito that’s on track to gut Roe v. Wade, “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost told “Barrett.”

“I don’t know what would make you think that other than everything I’ve ever said,” McKinnon smiled.

McKinnon’s Barrett then zoomed through the many ways women can easily ditch unwanted babies for pickup by someone in imagined safe-haven situations.

“I don’t understand why you need abortion because you can leave a baby anywhere in the United States. So, like, what’s the big deal? Just plop it,” she said. “Just do the nine and plop.”

Do “your nine, leave it on the sidewalk. Wrap it up like a little Moses, put it in a basket, send it down the creek … It’s simple.,” said McKinnon.

“You are a murderer if you have an abortion. But you’re not a murderer if you put a baby in a bag in a mailbox, and that tracks … just give it to a stork and the stork will give it to a lesbian. I would think the lesbians would be happy because now there’s more babies for them to adopt — until we ban that, too.”

What is “more traumatic?” she added. “Safely ending an early pregnancy or giving full birth to a baby you can never see again because you put it on a ferris wheel?”

Jost earlier took his own slashes at the court.

“Well, guys, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, whether you want it to be one or not.”

He noted that the court really screwed up with the leak of Alito’s draft opinion.

“The court is usually careful, but they slipped up just this once. Now they have to live with it forever. Sounds really unfair,” Jost noted in a sly reference to an accidental pregnancy.

He mocked Alito for quoting co-Justice Brett Kavanaugh on civil rights, which is “like quoting Amber Heard on how to make a bed,” referring to Heard’s recent testimony that she had soiled Johnny Depp’s bed.

Check out McKinnon’s dead-on debut Barrett impression in the video clip up top, and Jost’s attacks below: