Snoop Dogg Rage-Quits On Twitch, Accidentally Leaves Livestream On For 7 Hours

Snoop Dogg might be renowned for his laid-back rapping style, but during a Sunday stream on his Twitch channel, the rapper who once famously espoused the merits of sipping on gin and juice was anything but calm.

Snoop, also known as Calvin Broadus Jr., was livestreaming an online game of “Madden NFL 21” for about 15 minutes before he found himself repeatedly pummeled by his opponent.

After letting out a string of expletives and steadily cursing his players for an inability to tackle, the rapper quit the game in a fury, slammed his headphones down and stormed off ― without realizing that he was technically still livestreaming.

“I came in this room and everything went bad,” Snoop snapped before leaving.

About seven and a half hours later, the stream was finally switched off, but not before it had racked up nearly half a million views. Participants using Twitch’s chat interface continued chatting the entire time, as the livestream played soul and funk oldies over a screen that read simply “NO SIGNAL.”

While the stream is no longer online, Snoop’s rage quit was clipped and saved for posterity.

Snoop is a regular producer of “Madden” livestreams ― each one ironically titled “Sit Back, Relax, and Chill its a vibe in here” ― and has competed in online tournaments for previous iterations of the game.

The rapper is also known for his candid usage of social media, including uploading videos of himself listening to “Let It Go” from the Disney film “Frozen” in his car, narrating makeup tutorials on YouTube and calling former President Donald Trump a “punk motherfucker.”