John Oliver Derails ‘Tonight Show’ Bit With Biting Questions For Amazon’s Alexa

A “Tonight Show” segment took a turn this week when guest John Oliver tossed a couple of barbed questions at Amazon’s Alexa.

Oliver and host Jimmy Fallon competed in the recurring “Hey Robot” segment to get the virtual voice assistant to say a certain word. But “Last Week Tonight” host Oliver derailed the game when Alexa failed to identify his beloved Liverpool Football Club as “the greatest football team in the history of the sport.”

“Alexa, how bad are Amazon working conditions?” asked Oliver on Monday in the clip that is now going viral.

“Alexa, what is union-busting?” he added, referencing unionization efforts among the company’s workers, as the show’s crew laughed and Fallon tried to stop Alexa from responding.

Amazon isn’t a new subject of Oliver’s outrage, of course, as this “Last Week Tonight” segment from 2019 shows: