Dax Shepard To Anna Kendrick: Kristen Bell Is Jealous Of 1 Person, ‘And It’s You’

There can only be one charming little singing shorty in Hollywood — and it’s Kristen Bell.

Well, that is, according to Kristen Bell.

Dax Shepard revealed to Anna Kendrick in the most recent episode of his podcast “Armchair Expert” Monday that the only person his wife Bell has ever been jealous of is her.

During an emotionally heavy episode, in which Kendrick spoke openly about an abusive ex that made her question her own identity, Sheppard briefly shifted the conversation to pay “a quick compliment” to Kendrick at the 54:30-minute mark.

“I’ve known Kristen [Bell] for fifteen years, she has only had jealousy over a single human, and it’s been you,” he told Kendrick. “I’d never saw it. It blew my mind.”

Sheppard added that Bell has only spoken “nothing but benevolence for everyone” except Kendrick.

“Kristen was like, ‘Who is this other short person? Oh, so she can sing like that too? I’m already here. We got another one?’” Sheppard said.

He added that he asked Bell if he could tell Kendrick this and that Bell totally signed off on it.

“She monitored you, recognized how brilliant you were, lost some roles to you, and slowly processed the whole thing, and has nothing but wonderful feelings for you, but you’re the only person that ever made her jealous,” he added.

Kendrick’s response was pure shock. But she also admitted she always got weird vibes from Bell.

“I actually have a funny thing with your wife where I never thought she liked me,” Kendrick told Shepard. She added that she was always confused by it because she thought Bell was an “angel” and just always assumed that most “really sweet, angelic blonde girls” like Bell think of her as “weird little troll.”

“She’s so sweet, and I feel so rough around the edges,” Kendrick added.

“I have to be ultra clear with you. She never disliked you,” Shepard added later. “I just want to say that, for the record, she never disliked – [she was] jealous, which I had never seen.”

Presumably, Sheppard paid Kendrick this compliment during their interview due to the weight of their conversation. Throughout Kendrick’s interview, she spoke about being embroiled so deeply in an emotionally abusive relationship that she was losing a sense of self and believed that her “bristly” and “abrasive” personality was driving a wedge in her relationship.

You can listen to Kendrick’s interview with “Armchair Expert” above or head over to the podcast’s website here.