10 Cute Weekender Bags With Wheels For Your Next Trip


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We’ve all been there: Some “light packing” for a weekend getaway has turned into a duffel bag that weighs a ton of bricks.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it might not yet be the time to pack full suitcases for exotic trips. But that hasn’t stopped many from planning nearby weekend getaways, road trips and socially distant visits with relatives and friends in recent months.

While you might plan on only packing a few outfits, essentials and toiletries in your duffel or weekender bag for the trip, all that “light packing” starts to add up — and can be a pain to carry around.

Fortunately, there are plenty of weekender travel bags with their own set of wheels so you can walk around with ease. Many of these bags have retractable handles and wheels that hide at the bottom ― so you can alternate between carrying them like a bag or rolling them like a suitcase.

So you can take the weight off of your next trip, we found a few weekenders and duffel bags with wheels.