Candace Cameron Bure reveals the 1 rule for her kids’ significant others

TODAY.COM By Francesca Gariano

Candace Cameron Bure has one simple rule when it comes to who gets to date her kids.

The former “Fuller House” star opened up to Us Weekly on Thursday, June 10, about the one trait that she hopes her children’s future significant others have.

“When it comes down to it, I just want (their significant others) to love Jesus the way I love Jesus,” she said. “That’s all I really want. Is that too much to ask for? Yeah. It’s not too much.”

Cameron Bure has three children with her husband, former professional hockey player Valeri Bure: Natasha, 22, Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19, who recently graduated from high school.

In the past, Cameron Bure has expressed her excitement for her children to begin dating and was pretty easygoing about the idea.

“I feel great about them dating in the sense that they have a good head on their shoulders,” she told Us Weekly in 2019. “They’re all looking for good people to hang out with, or date, looking for a wife, looking for a husband and I’m proud of that. … I wish that they would date more in a sense!”

More recently, the actor has said that her oldest is “dating a lot now” despite previously thinking that her daughter wasn’t going on very many dates at all.

“She just wasn’t telling me about all of her dates at the time,” Cameron Bure clarified. “She is dating, and I’m good with that. I’m happy. She has to date the right guys.”

As for Lev, her middle child is currently single. The 21-year-old was briefly engaged for just under eight months to his former fiancée, Taylor Hutchison. Cameron Bure announced his engagement last summer in a now-deleted Instagram post. In April, the mom-of-three broke the news to Us Weekly that her son was no longer engaged.

“Sorry, you didn’t get the memo?” Cameron Bure joked. “We didn’t make an announcement, but yeah, he’s no longer getting married.”

Thankfully, the couple was able to split amicably. “It was a mutual decision, so nobody’s upset and heartbroken,” she added.

If her kids are struggling in the relationship department in the future, their mom will be there to help, especially with nearly 25 years of marriage under her belt. The 45-year-old actor even admitted that she isn’t above setting up her kids in the future, either, especially if she finds a “potentially good prospect.”

“If you know they’re from a good family and you know they might get along, we’ll do [that.] For sure,” she said.