Zelle Issue Causes Bank of America Customers to Report Missing Funds from Accounts

Bank of America Zelle Transactions Delayed, Customers Report Missing Funds on Social Media.

“I almost lost my mind when I saw $2,000 was missing from my account,” one customer posted on Twitter Wednesday morning. 

Another customer tweeted that Bank of America “magically disappeared a large Zelle transaction that HAD ALREADY POSTED.” 


Bank of America Admits to Zelle Transaction Processing Issues, Assures Resolution on Wednesday

Bank of America Confirms Zelle Transaction Delay, Spokesperson Assures Resolution and Transactions Now Visible in Accounts – FOX Business Interview

Zelle, a Leading Peer-to-Peer Payment Processor, Clears Network of Any Issues in Recent Delayed Transactions.

Zelle Network Financial Institution Experiences Issues in Processing Transactions, Spokesperson Assures Resolution – FOX Business Statement

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, criticized Bank of America and Zelle on Wednesday, saying that they “are apparently failing customers again.” 

“Senator Warren Demands Immediate Resolution and Compensation for Zelle’s Latest Failure in Processing Transactions”

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